Winning Poker Strategy by Pacific Poker


Poker is firstly a game of skill – with a side helping of luck. However, you can reduce variance (or luck) with a solid foundation of poker strategy. Whether you’re playing Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo or 7 Card Stud, poker strategy is an essential. 

Here are Pacific Poker’s strategy vaults we have everything you need to know about maniacal players, aggressive play, tight play in order to exploit your opponents’ mistakes.

Poker is about calculated decision making and avoiding tilt. Players who let their emotions take over their games make poor decisions and ultimately suffer painful losses. It’s easier to win when you have a clear head and a game plan.  

Let’s get the ball rolling with some top tips for newbies.


Top Strategy Tips for Newbies


Here are a few pointers that you can use when creating a strategy game plan:

  • Starting Hand Selection has been the downfall of many a beginner. Learn which hands to play, how to play them and from which positions
  • Create a bet sizing plan that works and stick to it.
  • Develop the ability to read your opponents – you can even do this in online poker!
  • Track your results based on your strategy plan.
  • Play sensibly not emotionally. Don’t allow outside influences (or a bad beat/ run of cards) to cloud your judgement or derail your plan.
  • Once you have a plan in place, don’t be afraid to make changes based on its weaknesses.

Starting Hand Selection and Position

Choosing the best starting hands to play depends on their strength and timing. Suited connectors play very well in late position, and in multi-way pots with deep stacks. However, heads-up and out-of-position, they can be a little tricky – and even unprofitable.

A good bet for starting hand selection is to play stronger hands whether you're in or out-of-position and reserve speculative hands for play when you’re in position.


Keep Track of Poker Results

If you want to get to rub shoulders with the top pros at the high roller tables, you’ll need to track your stats. This method is a full proof way of knowing how well – or not so well – your game is progressing.

Taking notes is also an effective way of validating, formulating and enhancing your poker strategy.  

Poker Strategy Makes Poker Champions

Imagine taking a penalty shot at Wembley without practising beforehand? That’s what it’s like when you sit down at a poker table without a plan.

No one likes to fail. So, study the game and create an effective strategy that can improve your game and get you from the learner pit to the intermediate and eventually to advanced.

The more you improve, the better you’ll play with bigger opportunities to play at the highest levels.

With poker, it’s always a challenge; are you ready?