Poker Ethics: treat yourself and others with respect

online poker ethics

Here is a list of rules that you should adhere to at a poker table both online and in live poker tournaments:

Respect other players: You don’t have to like them, and if you have a problem with them you can leave the table, there are other games around. Though there is nothing wrong with a little friendly banter you should never overstep the line. Personal abuse or threatening behaviour is totally unacceptable.

Never talk about the hand while it is in play: You shouldn’t discuss the hand that is in progress. Don’t whisper anything to the player next to you or if online, never type anything in the chat area. Don’t throw your hands up in despair when you would have made that nut flush on the river. If you aren’t in the hand show others respect and let them play.

Don’t slow the game down: Don’t take forever to make your decision. This is one of the many things online has over live poker. Don’t mimic the guys you see on TV deliberating for 20 minutes on whether to make a call or not. Keep the game fast and everyone will have more fun.

Check your language: The rules on swearing have gone over the top especially in some card rooms, but in general you should just try to keep your language in check and you will find yourself being scrutinized far less.

These simple rules are a great place to start. A few others include not turning up to the table stinking of body odour, don’t offer tips to your table mates and don’t get too drunk Not only will it ruin your game it will also ruin the night of those that have to put up with your antics.

Poker games can run for many hours so you should try your best to get along to a degree. If you find it hard to be social, or if you simply want to sit around in your undies with the television on then’s Pacific Poker is a great option for you.