Omaha High Poker

Omaha Hi Poker

The game is played exactly like Omaha where you receive four cards to start with followed by a flop, turn and river. You also must use two but only two of your four down cards. The major difference is that in Omaha High/Lo you can compete for both the low and the high hands so you can use a different two card combination for both hands. It sounds confusing but once you have learned the basics it really is quite simple.

The game was mostly played in the US and unlike Omaha High it was traditionally a limit game, not a pot limit game. It is now played all over the world and like Hold'em is played in limit, pot limit and even no limit formats. The game is growing in popularity because it features the communal card structure that people are familiar with from Texas Hold'em, but adds a few extra dimensions for those looking for variation. It again is one of those games that takes a little while to understand but in many ways is simpler to play well than Hold'em.

Here are a few pointers that you should learn before you start playing Omaha Hi/Lo:

  • Remember that a low hand has to be five unique cards between A-8. This means that if there are four large cards on the board, or two large cards and one of the low cards pairs up then there is no low and the whole pot goes to the high hand.
  • The nut low is always A,2,3,4,5. This is referred to as the 'wheel'. It is also a straight so when you get this hand you have the nut low and can sometimes win the high with the straight and scoop the pot.
  • Don't fall in love with A,2 without another low card. You can often be duped with this hand and you can also often split the low hand with another player.

The best idea is to get a good book on Omaha High/Lo and read up. It's a great game but one that you really want to become confident with before you start throwing money in the pot.