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Experience the Rush & Excitement of Omaha Hi Poker!

Omaha is one of the most popular poker variants. It is comparable to Texas Hold’em in many ways, with the two games jockeying for position as the #1 poker genre in the world. The origins of the game are unclear. However, ever since it burst onto the poker scene, it has left a definitive mark.
Download poker
In Omaha Hi, each player is dealt a total of 4 starting cards. These cards are dealt face down and players are required to compile a poker hand using 2 – and only 2- of their 4 hole cards, along with any 3 of the 5 community cards on the board. The best 5 card combination on the river is declared the winning hand.

Why Play Omaha Online Poker at Pacific Poker

If you are a new player who is just starting to learn how to play Omaha, Pacific Poker will give you a Welcome Bonus to help you get started. Try the game out risk-free - just use the free credit to buy-into an Omaha poker tournament.
Once you have mastered some of the basic strategies of the game, why don't you join one of the dozens of Omaha tournaments running every day at Pacific Poker - you'll have the chance to win a big share of thousands of dollars! For the highest level of online poker gaming, sign up with Pacific Poker. You will not find any other place where you can enjoy non-stop poker 24/7.

Omaha Poker Variants

There are two variants in this game, Omaha Hi (commonly called, Pot Limit Omaha or PLO) and Omaha Hi-Lo (also called Omaha 8/b, eight or better). In PLO, the winning hand determination is exactly the same as in Texas Hold'em. In Omaha Hi-Lo, there is an added twist. Two players can lay claim to the pot, because two differing hands can be deemed winners.

There exists a high hand which is evaluated exactly the same way as in PLO. There also exists a low hand. This hand consists of 5 cards (2 from a players 4 starting cards and 3 from the board). The best low hand is A-2-3-4-5, called the wheel. It is also a straight. Therefore a player with this hand can win both the high and low sides of a pot.

Best Omaha Strategy

Players can employ many strategies to boost their winning chances. These include learning when to play passive or aggressive poker, what hands to hold & fold, when to raise and how to bluff.

Players are advised to play conservatively in this game. A winning hand pre-flop can easily turn into a loser post-flop. This is a game of big hands – flushes routinely lose to full houses. It is imperative in this game to make it to showdown risking as little as possible, and at the same time extracting the maximum amount of money from the other players. Unlike Texas Hold'em, the thrill in this game is the making of a draw, not the risk of being all-in and all out of chips!

Play Omaha Online at PacificPoker

In Omaha, practice makes perfect. PacificPoker is happy to make that journey a little easier for newbie players. The PacificPoker welcome bonus, courtesy of 888poker is the ideal bankroll booster and risk-reducer.

Pacific Poker hosts scores of Omaha tourneys daily, with $1000s in prizes up for grabs. If you’re looking to enjoy premium-quality Omaha poker online, register to play at PacificPoker.

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