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Version 5.8 (February 2010)

The new poker version includes some major improvements to help your day to day game experience. These include:

    1. New buy-in and rebuy screens for cash games

    1. The Auto rebuy is now easier than ever.
      Enabling an Auto rebuy is done simply by checking the Auto rebuy checkbox.
      1. The auto rebuy has two options:
      2. Auto rebuy to your initial buy-in / last rebuy when your table bankroll has fallen below your initial/last buy-in amount
      3. Auto rebuy your initial/last buy-in amount when your table bankroll has reached 0
    2. The Auto rebuy configuration will be saved for any future table you open
    3. The Rebuy screen works in the same way

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    2. New sounds

    1. Two new sounds were added
      1. A small ping when it is your turn to play
      2. Raise sound
    2. Two sounds were changed due to your requests
      1. Check sound was recorded (tapping twice on a poker table)
      2. Alert when you have 9 seconds to act.

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    3. Mark open tables in the lobby

    It is now very easy to know which tables are already open; Any table that is currently open will be highlighted in the lobby.

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    4. Minor changes

    1. Immediate client language change
      Once you change your software language from the settings you will not need to reopen the software
    2. Change the name of the table in windows task bar to better distinguish between open tables.
    3. New logic reflects more accurate numbers in 'players/flop' and 'Average pot' columns in the main lobby

    Version 5.7 (November 2009)

    Our new poker version includes many performance improvements together with additional features to enhance player experience:

    1. Sit And Go improvements
    2. Language change from within the client
    3. Improved "Last Hand" history
    4. Display Rebuy and Add-ons in the tournament lobby

    Sit And Go improvements

    1. Rematch Heads Up Sit & Go

    Following a two player Heads Up Sit & Go tournament, a rematch proposal will be offered to the two players, as displayed in the following screen:

    If both players opt for a Rematch (by clicking the Rematch button) a new tournament will begin automatically with both players registered to the tournament.

    The Rematch offer is limited to one minute (a countdown will be displayed at the center of the rematch invitation).

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    2. Replay the same Sit & Go

    Once you have finished a Sit&Go tournament, whether you won or not, you will be able to quickly register to a similar "Open for registration" tournament by pressing OK on the following pop up:

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    Language change from within the client

    It is now possible to change your poker client language within the Settings menu.

    All you need to do is:

    1. Click Settings in the lobby menu
    2. Click "Language"
    3. Move to the "Language/Sound" tab
    4. Select your preferred language for your Pacific Poker software.

    Once you change the language you will be asked to restart your poker software. The new language will be displayed once the software has been reopened.

    Please note that if you change the language to one you do not understand it might be a challenge to find this setting again.

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    Improved "Last Hand" history

    When clicking "Previous Hand" on the table's View menu, the previous hand will now be displayed at its final state (with all the showdown cards displayed and even the mucked cards).

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    Display Rebuy and Add-ons in the tournament lobby

    In Rebuy and Add-on tournaments (Sit&Go and scheduled tournaments) the number of rebuy and add-ons that were made during a prize play tournament will be displayed in the prize pool area.

    Version 5.6 (June 2009)

    Rewards Program enhancements within the client

    1.Rewards Status and Rewards Personal Page in the main lobby

    The main lobby has been further enhanced with new features allowing players to keep up-to-date with their Rewards Status. Your Rewards Status will be permanently displayed underneath the cashier button in the main lobby. Clicking on your status will open your Rewards Personal Page where you can check your rewards program status, Reward Points balance, how many points you are away from reaching the next status and much more. To read more about our rewards program, click here.

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    2. Status Progress Bar on the table

    To better track your Rewards Status progress we have added a new Status Progress Bar to Ring Games.

    If you have an active pending bonus you can control which progress bar you wish to have displayed on the table (Bonus Progress Bar, Status Progress Bar or neither) by going to the settings option and marking the bar you wish to see during play.

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    Multi tabling enhancements

    1. New queuing mechanism while multi tabling

    The new queuing mechanism that accompanies multi tabling means that playing 6, 8, 10 and even 16 tables simultaneously becomes much easier. The new system puts each table that requires an action into a chronological queue. When a table requires an action it will wait in line until you attend to it and will pop under your current active table. Once you perform an action on the first table from the queue, the table will be sent to the end of the line and the next table that requires an action will pop up for you to make a decision, and so on.

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    2. Open Identical table feature

    The new "Open Identical" feature allows players to open an additional Ring Game or Sit&Go tournament with the same specification as the previous table on which you were playing, without the need to go through the lobby.

    All you are required to do is click the "Open Identical" button on the table and the system will try to find you an exact Ring Game or Sit&Go tournament that has open seats.

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    3. Open identical Sit & Go from the tournament lobby

    If you missed the registration for a Sit&Go or have seen a running Sit&Go tournament that you wish to participate in, with the same tournament specification, a new button is now available to save you the hassle of searching for the same tournament from the lobby.

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    Version 5.4 (April 2009)

    Quick Seat Lobby

    Be seated in just a couple of clicks. The Quick Seat Lobby gives you a fast and convenient way to select your ideal poker options.

    Simply open the Quick Seat Lobby, choose your favorite game using the straightforward seating wizard then start raking in the chips.

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    Money Transfer

    You now have the option to transfer funds from your bankroll, into the bankroll of another player directly from the lobby.

    Just log in, open My Profile on the menu item, select Money Transfer, enter the username and amount and then start giving away your money to whom you please!

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    Save your Hand History

    Save your played hands in text files so you can enjoy or brood over them later. Alternatively, import them into hand analysis tools to try and improve your game.

    Just go to settings -> Hand History and enable the hand history feature.

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    Enhanced game control

    Take more control over your game:

    • Larger buttons will now make it easier to choose your action.
    • Hot keys will make it quicker to take your action:
    1. F5 - will fold your hand
    2. F6 - will check/call
    3. F7 - will Bet/Raise

    Enter your betting amount (In NL and PL games), click Enter and the software will instantly place your bet.

    Quick bet/raise in the full pot amount or half the value of the pot in a single click.

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    Show bluffed hand

    With the new "Show Hand" feature that allows you to reveal your bluffed hands, you can now make everyone fold to your 7-2 off suite and rub it in their face.

    Simply uncheck the "Never show hand" box on the table and the following options will be available for you once if everyone folds to your monster hand.

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    Version 5.1 (November 2008)

    Live personal table stats

    Assess the quality of your play in both ring games and tournaments using our new stats tab. Check out what percentage of flops you saw from various positions, and how many pots you took before and after the showdown.

    Click Reset to start counting again from zero.

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    Set your own default minimum raise

    If raising one big blind at a time doesn't steal you any pots, we now give you the option of setting your own default raise to any number of big blinds. Just open up your game settings and adjust your new default minimum bet in terms of big blinds (Lobby → Options → Settings → Game Settings tab).

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    Total pot indicator

    The total pot is now updated in real time after every bet and displayed above the community cards.

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    Sharper resized graphics

    Table graphics are now optimized to all sizes, giving multi-hand players and others the sharpest view possible, no matter the size of the game window.

    Important tournament info at the click of a mouse

    Click on the new My Tournaments link any time from the poker lobby to see what tournaments you've lined yourself up for in the near future.

    Inside the tournament lobby, you can now click to find out how the satellite you're thinking of entering links up to the bigger money parent tournament.

    A similar link will also clearly display the blind structure.

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    Option to show 'best hand' window

    If you do not want Pacific Poker to show you your best hand at every stage of the game while you play you can unmark Display best hand window in your graphics settings (Main lobby → Options → Settings → Graphics tab).

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    Quick access option buttons

    The familiar option buttons have moved up to give the chat/stats/notes area more room. One click on the small arrow in the top right will reveal our special cascade/tiling options, previous hand replay and hand info.

    To make the table clearer, we have moved the Settings to the main lobby (Options → Settings).

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    Pacific Poker time is now GMT

    Never miss another start. We've now moved the Pacific Poker default time (PPT) over to international standard GMT.

    If you prefer to see tournament schedules in your own local time, just change GMT to Local in the dropdown in the upper right of your screen.

    Enjoy the tables and good luck!

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