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Tournament Rematch

Heads Up Sit&Go tournaments (2 player tournaments) will offer a rematch option for the two opponents once the tournament is over.

If the two players accept the invitation a new, similar tournament will open with the two players registered and set to compete again.

Rematch process:

1. Rematch invitation - options

  1. Once the tournament is over, both players (if they use the latest version) will receive the rematch invitation (as illustrated above).
  2. At the middle of the screen, a counter will count down the time the rematch proposition is available; if the counter will reach zero without both opponents accepting, the rematch invitation will be closed.

Each player has the following option:

  1. - accept the rematch proposal and let the other player know you wish to play him in another identical tournament.
  2. - reject the rematch proposition. Selecting the Cancel option will close this window and inform your opponent that you do not want a rematch.

2. Accepted a Rematch

  1. In case your opponent has accepted the rematch invitation (by pressing "Rematch") a sign will appear under his name on the rematch screen.
  2. If you also accept the rematch, before the counter reaches zero a new tournament will begin with both you and your opponent registered to it.
  3. You can still decline the rematch invitation by pressing the "Cancel" button.

If your opponent has declined the rematch offer, a icon will appear under his name in the rematch screen.

The window will be closed 10 seconds after the rematch was declined. You can also close the window using the upper right close window button.

Enjoy the tables and Good Luck!

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