The perils of television poker #5

Some players take too much information from what they see on TV. However, we will explain why this is potentially dangerous, and why finding your own style of play is a much better way of preparing yourself up to play online poker.

You Never See the Full Story

When you watch television coverage of a high stakes cash game or a serious poker tournament, you never see everything that is happening. If you watch a player in a session, then it might look like they are getting involved in every single hand, when the reality is they have only played the hands you have seen across a long session. The television producer also has a lot of power in what they show. If they wanted to, the producers could focus on one player and show every single minor mistake they make and this would make you believe a player is terrible, when the actual reality is far from that.

The Cameras Are On

Even though this is not the case for many of the bigger poker players, some professional players do act up to the cameras, and admit this. These players alter their play ever so slightly, when the reality is they would never play like this in a regular online poker session.

Your Style of Play Should Be Your Own

You should never try and base your play on a professional because you never see the full story. You could take one professional, analyse hours of their play, and get a particularly clear idea of how they play. However, you could never cover every aspect of their game. You will find it much better if you define your poker strategy, and not base the majority of your play on a professional.

On the other side, there are some positive factors you can take from watching poker on TV:

Designed For Entertainment

There are a few things better than ‘car crash’ television, and watching poker falls under this section. This is because you can see all hands in play and this will no doubt leave you shouting instructions at the television.

You Can Learn New Aspects

You can learn some poker tips from watching it on TV. If you see the same hand again and again, you will eventually learn what you should do in roughly the same situation. Remember, while it may be OK to mirror many aspects of what you see on TV, you should never copy any player hand for hand.

Television poker will continue to be popular until either poker or the television become extinct. Many online poker players dream to be covered at a major event, but to get there you should never copy anybody, and that includes professionals.