online poker STT game

Learn how to play a solid online poker STT game

Single table tournaments or STT’s as they are also known sprang onto the online poker scene some years ago and became an instant success. Due to the popularity of tournament poker and televised final table tournament poker then STT’s gave players the chance to sample final table tournament action within their own home. They quickly became one of the most popular forms of online poker around. If you enjoy playing STT’s but find that you lose money at them then why not try our simple tips to help you reach those final three cash out seats?

Play tightly during the early levels

In any online poker cash game then playing tightly is often a pre-requisite for success. The early levels of an STT tournament represent a close similarity with online poker cash games. It will be at this stage of the tournament where the blinds will be at their smallest and your stack will be at its largest.

So simply folding all of your junk hands and even your mediocre hands should ensure that you get to the middle stages of the tournament with most of your stack intact.

Having enough chips to steal

In any form of online poker then stealing chips and bluffing is of paramount importance. This applies even more to STT events than to cash games. This is because it will be next to impossible to reach the final three cash out seats without taking some risks along the way and stealing some blinds. To be able to do that then you have to have a stack that is large enough to install some fear into your opponents.

The best way to do that is to preserve your stack during the early stages. If you started the STT with 2000 in chips and the blinds being 10-20 then you have 100 big blinds. The blinds will increase rapidly but that should not detract from the fact that you should be preserving your stack.

Knowing when to take risks

At the end of the day then online poker is a risk business and you cannot make money without risking money. An online poker STT event provides you with a form of entertainment that is tremendous fun and if you play for tiny stakes then the risk element is minimal. If you want to make it into the final places and cash then you need to take risks at some stage and that stage usually arrives during the middle levels.

Exploit your opponents fear

There is often a carefree attitude with many players during the early stages of online poker STT’s. This is often to do with the fact that many players deem themselves to be some way off the money and so may be more prone to taking risks. This is why your tight early strategy will be so effective in online poker STT events. As players approach the prize money then play tends to become very tight and aggressive. Your opponents will be folding or raising and depending on their stack size then it will usually be folding or shoving. When your opponents become really tight during this stage then this is when you can steal vital chips that will preserve your stack long enough to increase your chances of making it into the money.