Online poker games selection

Game selection processes at work in online poker games

There are many ways that you can find profitable tables in online poker games but you need to find at least a few good ways of selecting games to increase your bottom line. There is simply no way in the world that you can fail to not increase you earn rate by selecting good poker games. The different ways that you can do this are numerous and many people look for the highest average pot sizes and the highest number of hands per hour in areas like the site lobby. If you are using a tracker then you will need to build up your data on players before it becomes useful.

Two distinct camps of players

I try to split the players on a site into two categories and these are “regs” and “non-regs”. A “reg” is basically a multi-tabling solid player who is either playing the game professionally or semi-professionally, either way we are looking at a serious player here. A “non-reg” is basically everyone else and these players mean one thing to me and that is “value”. Whenever I go to a new site then I make it my goal to find out who the “regs” are as soon as possible. There is little point in playing a nine handed game with six regs and two short stackers.

Two players with identical skill sets could have hugely contrasting results based on just game selection and nothing else. So I try and find how many tables each player is sitting at and any player who is at one or two I would class as a “non-reg” and someone who was potential value. Their value to me could be in how they limp-call-fold with speculative hands or call raises with dominated hands or maybe stack off with second best hands. Whatever their weaknesses a lack of table numbers is a good sign of a non-regular player and this tends to mean weakness in some capacity and at the end of the day you are looking for players to make mistakes and these are the players who are far more likely to make them.

How deep are they?

Another factor that I look for is stack size and any regular player will tend to have a maximum buy in or close to it unless they are sticking to some sort of strategy like with a maximum daily loss strategy or something of that nature or they are minimum stacking. You can also get an indication of a players skill based on their name but his is not very accurate. However what is more accurate is a combination of all three based on number of tables that they play, their stack sizes and their player names.

This is a good way to work if you are not using tracker data or you have just moved to a new site for the first time. Once you have classified a player then you do not need to classify them again in terms of table selection. What you add after that is maybe specific notes in how they play their hands. But everything that you do and take down has a theoretical value attached to it and it is these margins which help you to make money in online poker.