poker bluffing

One of the key poker skills that is essential to successful play in online poker tournaments, ring games, and other poker events if bluffing. Most people know what bluffing is, but very few people who play poker know how to effectively pull off a poker bluff with minimal risk of loosing a large portion of their poker chips. If you embrace the following poker tips and implement them into your online poker strategy, you will be able to pull off poker bluffs more effectively!

How to bluff effectively

Choose the right time

There is a time and a place for successful poker bluffs - you just have to know how to identify them. The timing of a bluff is difficult to plan, as you need to know that your opponents are weak and that they have enough of their chip stack left to fold especially if you are playing in an online poker tournament. There is nothing worse than trying to bluff and having someone go all in. That usually ends in a disaster.

Choose the right target

Choosing the right player to bluff against is also an important concept of a successful bluff. If you bluff against a calling station, you will never win anything! But even worse than that, never try and bluff the whole field! This is a common mistake that many players make. Choose a single target, plan your bluff, and execute!

Don't go overboard

The more often you bluff, the less effective it becomes. Too many players bluff too often, and end up loosing large portions of their chip stacks. Keep your bluffing to a minimum and try to stay under the radar. If people think you are bluffing, they will call you down to the showdown just to find out, and this severely damages your chip stack!

Next time you are at your favorite online poker room, or any of the other poker sites you play at, try and implement some of the above poker tips into your poker strategy. These tips on how to effectively bluff may seem like common sense, but once you give them a try in free online poker tournaments or any other poker events you play in, you will see how effective they are in helping you play poker at a higher level! It doesn’t matter if your game of choice is Omaha hi or Texas Holdem poker - bluffing effectively is an important skill to have!