online poker tips

Playing online poker like a business

In order to really make money in online poker then you really need to start treating it more like a business and less like a game. To do that then you need to study how business people operate and especially how business people operate in competitive fields. For example watching the competition and watching them closely and then adjusting your strategy around that is key to now not only making money in business but also staying in business!

During periods of strong economic growth and boom then many more businesses make money for the simple reason that more people on the high street have disposable income in greater quantity. At the end of the day people want to spend money and buy things because this makes them happy in the same way that people want to play poker. However there is no businessman or women alive who don’t consider their overheads at all times. Your overheads in poker are essentially the rake and the blinds.

Make sure the blinds are played well

Essentially then the blinds should not be classed as an overhead because of the fact that everyone at the table has to place the same amount of money into the pot per orbit. If you had to choose then you would never allow yourself to have to place money into the pot without first seeing your cards whilst being out of position to boot. This is the situation that you find yourself in and this is why playing out of the blinds is important for one very simple reason.

This is because you need to reduce the amount of money that you lose from the blinds as much as possible. In days gone by then you could fold a far greater percentage of your blinds and simply stay out of trouble because the implied odds in the game and the value that was present were so good. However these days then that isn’t the case because the players that you will encounter are far stronger. So you not only cannot sit back and wait for money to come to you in other situations but you also need to reduce the amount of value that you lose from these positions.

It is just a bad position

At the end of the day you will lose money in the blinds and that is a given fact. But you absolutely must reduce this figure to as little as possible so that the cost of the blinds is not prohibitive to your overall chances of making money. But your overheads must elevate in importance in your game plan and another way that you can do that is to either make sure that you play pots that have big implied odds so that the effect of the rake is of lesser importance or that you do not pay rake at all in specific hands.

To not pay rake at all means doing either one of two things. This means either to do a lot of folding pre-flop and so in essence you are playing rake free for these hands or you play as many pots as possible where you do not see a flop or the later bigger betting rounds where the effect of the rake has still not reached its maximum. In a toughening poker environment then you need to start thinking differently about how you are going to make money. Just like in business, saving money can be the same as making money.