Poker cash games

Adjusting Your Poker Strategy for Success at Cash Games

Everyone knows that the big money online is in online poker cash games. Still, too many players try to use their online poker tournament strategy, and are miffed when it doesn’t work out very well. You need to adapt your online poker strategy if you wish to be successful playing cash games. Here are some of the things you need to focus on…

Selecting Proper Starting Hands

Proper starting hand selection is the first thing that differs in cash games and online poker tournaments. When you play in a poker tournament, you can pretty much follow a simple poker strategy in regards to starting poker hands and be pretty successful. But, that is not always possible when playing a cash game. You have to gauge the table dynamic and make your decisions based on what your opponents are doing. If you are playing at a loose table, waiting for a monster hand is a bad strategy that will cause your stack to get eaten by blinds. You need to adjust accordingly.

Using Mathematics Correctly

When you play in poker cash games, whether it is Texas Holdem or Omaha Hi, you need to use the correct mathematical models for analysis, more specifically pot odds. When you are playing in an online poker tournament, you can’t always focus on making the best mathematical decision because you have to focus on chip preservation and survival. But, during a cash game, you can always rebuy, so making the best math based decision is very important.

Building and Maintaining Your Table Image

When you are playing in a cash game, you have to pay more attention to your table image and the playing style you portray to the other players at the table. When you are playing in an online poker tournament, there is a good chance you will move around tables frequently and you will not play with the same people until the final table comes. But, when you play in an online cash game, you are playing with the same people all the time. You need to develop your table image and make plays that fit in with that. You also need to pay attention to your opponents as well.

While online poker tournaments and cash games look similar, they are very different games and require very different strategies. It doesn’t matter what online poker sites you play at – if you try to use the same poker strategy and implement the same poker tips, it will probably end up in disaster. Make sure you modify your strategy for each type of game and you will achieve success.