Online Poker Mistakes

It isn’t possible to make money in online poker unless your opponents make mistakes

Poker is all about mistakes both in creating them from your opponents and reducing them in your own play and so fundamentally poker is a battle of mistakes.

It simply isn’t possible to play mistake free poker, you cannot ever achieve this absolute Holy Grail because of one simple fact…………this is that you cannot see your opponents cards. In online poker then you are simply staring at a screen all the time and even in live poker then you still cannot see your opponent’s cards.

This essentially means that you are always making educated decisions and guesswork is a large part of the process. This is essentially a two stage procedure because not only are you trying to create mistakes on behalf of your opponents but you are also trying to reduce the number of mistakes that you make yourself.

Setting out your goals to create mistakes

When you sit down in any online poker game then you need to formulate a plan as to where your likely profits will come from. Remember that your profits primarily come from your opponents making mistakes and you making fewer mistakes than your opponents. But when you try and base your game around the mistakes that your opponents make then you need to analyse what sorts of mistakes your opponents make and then set out a strategy to exploit them.

For example do your opponents play too many hands or do they play too few hands? Both of these extremes can be exploited in some capacity. Another example could be if your opponents play badly in deep stack situations. As a rule then each opponent will play differently and the mistakes that certain players make in game like online no limit Texas hold’em will be different to the ones that other players make.

All poker players make mistakes

Do not think that strong online poker players do not make mistakes because this is wrong. They too suffer from the same handicap as everybody else in that they cannot make accurate decisions all the time based on the fact that they cannot see their opponent’s cards. Players make mistakes in lots of different ways and for example players that play too many tables tend to be very automated in their style of play.

This is a style that leads to players who play a very large number of tables only playing big pots with big hands. The end result of this is that they can be bluffed and semi-bluffed more than perhaps other players who are watching their opponents more closely.

So it is clear then that all poker players make mistakes. In fact even if you are running over your opponents in say online no limit Texas hold’em then complacency can lead to you making mistakes that you may not have been previously making. You do not play poker to not make mistakes. Sometimes you have to make a tiny mistake in order to exploit a bigger mistake from your opponent.

For example if you have say Qd-Jc on the button and a player limps in with 7d-7c and you raise instead of limp then you are making a mistake because you are raising a stronger hand. But raising can get you the initiative that can win you chips in lots of different ways and so in many aspects it isn’t really a mistake at all.