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What do Real Money Poker Players Read?

Poker players are always looking to up their game. And in this vein there are several ways to make enhancements to personal gaming strategies. Practicing more, learning more and understanding bankroll management are but three solid ways of improving one’s poker game. This type of knowledge can be acquired from multiple sources – great poker players and books alike. It is to the latter category that players flock to in their droves.

Poker Books to Improve your Game

Back in 2005, Matt Lessinger came out with a winner. His book was titled, ‘The Book of Bluffs’ focuses almost exclusively on the art of bluffing, as suggested by the title. This fascinating subject has been the subject of many poker books. What makes this work a lot different is the comprehensive nature of it. It features the bluff tactics of star players. In total there are some 49 bluffs in the book. It goes to great lengths to discuss when to bluff, when to call and how much to wager. A particularly good feature of the book is the list of interviews of top poker players. One lesson taken from this book is that players should bet aggressively when they’re holding good hands. The Book of Bluffs is an absolute winner.

David Sklansky compiled a fascinating entrée into the world of poker by writing The Theory of Poker. This 300 page book is highly theory-laden, but it’s didactic. Players will be able to understand the inner-workings of the game when they’ve read this intellectually stimulating poker guide. The book is almost considered a poker encyclopaedia because it touches on so many subjects. These include the psychology of the game, implied odds, heads up play and much more. The book is relatively inexpensive and it features ways and means of improving one’s Texas Hold’em game, 5 Card Stud game and more. This is poker reading gold.

Advanced Limit Holdem Strategy was written by Barry Tanenbaum back in 07. If you’re a seasoned poker player or even a poker pro, this is the book you’ll want to get your hands on. Novices will likely find the terms and concepts perplexing and for this reason it is strictly for veterans of the game. The book focuses on Limit Hold’em gaming and does in 308 pages what many other books do in 10% of that. For this reason alone, it should only be considered by players wanting to understand the mechanics of Limit Hold’em poker gaming inside and out.