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Choosing the line that extracts the most money in online poker

There are many inaccurate statements in the world of poker that I do not agree with. One of the most common ones is that you should be betting and raising with strong hands. This is a generalisation that doesn’t always apply. Let us look at an example here to show you what I mean. You open raise with A-Q and the big blind is the only caller. The flop comes A-Q-2 rainbow and your opponent checks. Now your raise targets you with an ace and so betting is likely to fold out a very high percentage of hands here.

Your goal is to extract value and not just blindly bet. If you bet blindly without thinking and your opponent folds then you make no money. Let us say that there is in the pot and you bet and your opponent folds, you make profit post flop and a large percentage of what is in the pot is your money anyway.

Your job as a poker player is to make money and make the most money possible at each and every stage of the hand. If your opponent has nothing in this situation then they are not going to launch some wacky multi-street bluff. Neither are they going to blindly call three streets with weaker hands. So you need to think about whether it is wise to even bet at all. No limit hold’em is massively different to limit in that aspect because betting and raising with strong hands gets paid off more in that form of poker.

Now let us look at another situation where you have raised before the flop with Qc-10c and both blinds call you. The flop comes Q-7-6 and both blinds check to you here. The question is should you bet? Well if you bet then you are really betting to end the pot right here without seeing a turn card and that is your primary reason for betting. It is possible that a weaker hand could pay you off like Q-9s or 9-9, 8-8 etc but if you get called then it could also be with a stronger queen than yours.

Checking runs the risk of giving a free card but it also controls the size of the pot when your hand is marginal also. If a king or an ace arrives on the turn then you could lose a pot that you would have won by betting but betting may not have folded out your opponents anyway. If you check the flop and the turn bricks then you could bet the turn as this could get called by a weaker hand or a draw and the same goes on the river.