Play Online to Try Your Luck in Poker

It is possible to determine whether luck is significant or not only by taking into consideration a certain time frame. In relatively short and limited time frames luck plays a significant role in success. Top pros agree that up to 85% of winning in single session depends on luck. Most of those players agree that if we take into consideration a time frame like a week (30 to 40 hours of poker play) luck accounts only for 30 to 40% of their success. In the long run, a year or even more, professional poker players estimate that luck accounts for not more than 5% of their winnings.

Try your Luck now on poker game

In case luck was playing insignificant role in the game of poker, than one of the players would win every time and no one would be able to challenge that player. No one would sit down at the poker table knowing that winning is impossible. The truth about this fascinating online casino card game is that the amount of luck involved in it is just right and it is one of the major reasons why this game is still so popular. If luck wouldn't play an important role, then inexperienced poker players would lose all their money and interest to poker online too fast and would stop betting money. At the same time if luck would play a significant role, than skilled players would not become long term winners. There would be no motivation left for consistent players to take part in online poker tourneys.

As a matter of fact, luck is one of the reasons why Texas Holdem poker has become one of the favourite poker games around the world. It keeps just the right amount of a player's skill and a random card draw factor. On the other hand, luck is the reason why such game as duplicate poker can't ne nearly as popular. In this poker game everyone plays the same hands, because cards are dealt and set in advance.

Luck plays an important psychological role as it provides a good excuse in case of a setback. Players who don't work hard enough to improve their skills can blame bad luck if they don't win much, but if they win, it's their skills that helped them. Players which don't believe in lady luck do not assign too much to luck and a random card draw. These gamblers take personal responsibility for the outcome of the poker game and do not entirely rely on luck.