Become a successful heads up poker player online!

heads up poker

One of the most difficult things to accomplish as an online poker player is being an effective heads up poker player. It sounds simple enough - you are playing against a single opponent - but in reality, it is the most difficult poker related situation you could be put in. You can no longer afford to wait for strong hands and one bad move could end the whole tournament. It is important to practice and be the most effective online heads up poker player you can be.

The one thing about heads up play that makes it very hard to master is the fact that it can't be taught like most other forms of poker. Playing full ring poker or an online poker tournament can be taught quite easily in a book - starting hands and specific strategies are easy to describe. But, playing heads up poker online is so much more about playing your opponent and not the cards you are dealt. If you make mathematically correct plays every time, you may be successful, but you will miss out on many important opportunities to take chips from your opponents. You need to play based on experience, and the only way you can do this is by playing more heads up poker! It sounds easy enough, but if it was easy, everyone would be good at heads up poker. If you have played any poker online lately, you will know this is not the case!

If you really want to improve your heads up online poker game, whether it be in online poker tournaments or just Texas Hold'em games, you really need to get more heads up playing time in. It is not good enough to just wait until the end of a tournament you are playing to get heads up practice - you need to find situations where you can play as many hands heads up as possible. If you do focus on this aspect of the game, though, your poker online will improve drastically. And not just Texas Hold'em poker either - your Omaha Hi, Draw and Stud games will improve as well. There really is no downside to focusing on improving your heads up poker play!