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What is the right groundwork for online poker

Getting the groundwork right in online poker

Is reading poker book after poker book the best way to educate yourself for online poker

? Well it could be but then again it may not be and there are many different variables that prevent a person from getting to where they need to be. You would never expect someone to be a qualified doctor if they were taught badly would you? You would never go to see anyone about your health who had not received a proper education in that particular field. This applies to poker as well because nearly all people set out to educate themselves.

However there are two distinct environments here that are often in conflict with each other. Many people have written some very negative things about online poker and the honesty of the games. However the online environment simply is what it is and no more. It is when a person interprets the environment in the wrong way that problems arise. This is why reading some poker books with the intention of learning from them in order to play online poker is often the wrong way to go about it.

Are they representative of reality?

There are two types of "reality" at work reality is what is written about by the author who also may or may not be a very good player. However you need to remember that the online environment not only may be a lot different than what is being spoken about in the books but it is also constantly shifting. This means that the best way to educate yourself in terms of probability of success is to do two things. Firstly you need to educate yourself with data and strategies from players who have not only played online poker but who have also played online at the level that you are looking to play at.

Just because someone has played at high-stakes does not automatically mean that they can beat all of the levels below that. In fact they will need to know and utilise far different strategies to make money at micro-stakes than they would at normal middle stakes and high stakes levels. So it is certainly not a given that taking advice from someone who plays at a very high level will help you. I'm afraid that I cannot offer any real guidelines here except for the two just previously mentioned. Your education and the knowledge that you get from that education need to be relevant to the online environment that you are about to play in.

Seeing the relevance in other fields

It is only when you look closely at other fields as I previously touched on with regards to the medical profession do you then realise just how important getting the educational part of the process right actually is. If you get this wrong then your path to making money is going to be a whole lot harder. It isn't just how much you study that counts but what you study and by who. Spending 100 hours studying material that is highly relevant to making money is better than spending 2000 hours reading irrelevant poker books that may never get you any further than first base. The first key step is to educate yourself in how to educate yourself. I realise that this may sound a little strange but it isn't once you understand what I am trying to say. Knowing what to read and study is vital and this should be your first stage. It is better to spend 40 hours finding this out if it then leads to you starting correctly.