Poker Strategy

Dominate your opponents with a powerful poker strategy

To be successful in online poker or live poker for that matter then you need to be able to move beyond just simply playing your poker hands in an automatic ABC way. You need to delve into the somewhat murky world of poker strategy and the formulation of a poker plan. Poker strategy in online poker isn’t just about how to play certain hands in certain positions for example. It is a much broader spectrum of events and principles that allow you to see poker in a much deeper way.

The battle of information

For example whenever we play poker of any kind then what we are essentially involved in is a battle of information. Whether you realise it or not, everything you do at the online poker table sends out a message to your opponents. Whether they correctly interpret that message is a different story. However your opponents are seeing everything that you do and forming ideas and opinion about your actions. So their poker strategy is largely built around what you are doing and vice versa of course.

So before you play a hand of poker then you need to ask yourself “what information am I passing onto my opponents and how will it help them to play against me”? This is very important because many players play poker with no thought as to what their opponents are thinking. This takes us onto the topic of game strategy and strategy levels.

What level do you think on?

If you do not think about what your opponent could be holding or how they perceive your play then you are not even at level 1…..this is what I call a level 0 player. These players tend to be beginners and novices. When a player moves on from that and starts to make basic plays based on their opponents and what they likely hold then they have evolved their poker strategy to level 1. However most players are at this level these days and they easily recognise it when others are playing in the same way.

So players tend to exploit level 1 play and the best way to do this is to switch to level 2 game strategy. But the best poker strategy often revolves around players that look to exploit players exploiting them which then becomes level 3 poker strategy.

The difference between tactics and strategy

Many people misunderstand the main difference between tactics and strategy. If that is the case then you simply cannot design a poker strategy because you will never know what to do or what the correct way is. Whatever you do in a poker game involving the actual playing of the hands is tactical and not strategic. Poker strategy involves having long term plans and goals and then using tactical means to help you achieve them.

Money management and game selection are all part of an underlying poker strategy. The more that you plan your poker strategy then the more chance you will have of being successful as a poker player. However you must remember that having a poker strategy not only makes think about your online poker in a much more deeper way but it will elevate you above all of the other players who simply cannot wait to sit down at a table and log on and start playing poker without any strategy at all.