Top 5 bluffing tips in No limit Texas hold’em poker

Become a fearsome no limit Texas hold’em player with our top five bluffing tips.

No limit Texas hold’em poker is a game of skill but it is also a game that requires courage and heart as well. Quite often you will be required to bluff to take the pot but many players get this part of the game wrong and lose their money. Follow our five golden pro tips for better bluffing success the next time you play no limit Texas hold’em either in cash games or poker tournaments.

How many opponents?

It stands to reason that trying to bluff too many players will reduce your bluffing success rate. A good rule of thumb to have is to never bluff in a pot that has more than two opponents in it. Sometimes even two can be too many and any more than two opponents would be inadvisable. Bluffing in no limit Texas hold’em poker is all about timing and part of that timing comes from picking your situations. So remember, more than two opponent’s means danger when it comes to bluffing.

Having position

Position in no limit Texas hold’em is always a vital weapon to have at your disposal. You make more money in position than out of position. Vitally you also lose less money when in position than out of position. Having position allows you to be able to see what your opponents have done before the action reaches you. It is always safer bluffing after others have checked than before they have acted.

Choose tight predictable opponents

There will be some opponents in no limit Texas hold’em that you will be able to control more than others. Tight players are always easier to bluff than loose aggressive players or maniacs. These players will raise you often out of sheer devilment just to see what you do. If you know that certain players can be predictable and who check when they are weak then your bluffing ratio will rise sharply against these sorts of players.

Bluffing when your opponents expect you to

As you progress up through the levels in no limit Texas hold’em then you will eventually encounter superior opponents. Better players think on higher levels and will be placing you onto certain ranges. So for example if you want to try a small bluff by stealing the blinds then you also need to remember that in situations where it has been folded around to you in late position in no limit Texas hold’em and you raise then your remaining opponents will be expecting you to make this move. This can have the knock on effect of making the move less effective.

Setting the right price

Another big error that many no limit Texas hold’em players make when they bluff is by not getting the bet sizing correct. Let us say that the pot is on the river and you believe that your opponent is weak and you have no pair. If you bet an amount that is too low like then your opponent will call with nearly all of their hands just to see what you have.

Offering them odds of 21/1 is not going to succeed and you may even get raised. Likewise if you bet say . Risking to win is a poor risk reward ratio and a bet of - would have made your opponent fold just as much.