The worst starting hand in poker

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For poker players being dealt a pair of pocket cards, few things arouse more elation than a pair of Aces or Kings. But that’s very rarely the case in Hold’em games. While the statistical odds of receiving 10-value cards (Ks, Qs, Js and 10s) are very high – they’re the most prolific in the deck - the odds of receiving pocket Aces is slim indeed. Therefore it’s far more likely that players will receive chicken feed rather than those juicy T-Bone steaks!

What Constitutes a Poor Starting Hand in Poker?

Many players naturally assume that anything other than paired royals or pocket aces is bad. That’s not true. The point is that poker is made up of the hole cards, the flop, the turn and the river. By the time the community cards have fallen, you’ll really want to be holding a good pair of pocket cards that will allow you to form winning combinations with the remaining cards on the table.

It’s all about combinations of cards. While on their own a pair of 9s may not look like much, they’re worth a whole lot more than a pair of 10s if the community cards read: 2,4,9,J and 8. Beyond the obvious of a trip outing a pair, there are real combinations of cards in straights, full houses, flushes and so forth that need to be considered.

And in order to hit these combinations you’re going to want the highest ranked hand made up of hole cards that allows for winning combinations to be formed within their range. For example a 10 - 2 card combination is pretty worthless, unless of course you’re the Godfather of Poker who won 10 WSOP bracelets with this hand. Think of it: how on earth are you going to form anything meaningful with such a wide range of options between 10 and 2? Generally you should avoid emulating Brunson, because he’s clocked up 1000s of hours playing pro poker and winning.

Hands to Avoid Include the Following:

Poker hands that are shocking opening combinations of cards include any combination that is low ranked and not paired. A 2- 9, a 2-8, a 2-7 (can’t make a straight here) are really poor hands to hold. They are low numbers first of all so if any other players have paint on their cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) then they may well have a much higher chance of upsetting your winning chances. And bluffing doesn’t always work – unless you’re a terrific poker player! Remember with these types of hands you’re better off folding than holding.

Believe it or not, but a 3-8 and a 3-7 are only slightly better than the 2-8; 2-7 combinations. But they’re so poor that they should just be folded all the same. Now let’s consider a 2-6 combo; this looks good right. I mean if the flop shows you 3,4 &5 you’re thinking – I’ve got a straight! But what about Jimmy next to you who’s holding a 6,7? He’s got awful cards too, but he trumps your hand!

Don’t be an ass, be a smartass in poker and play the cards that at least give you a winner’s chance.

It’s not only low number cards to be avoided, it’s also picture cards and low number cards as well as the Aces and low cards. Remember – it’s always about combinations and these usually require sequences