online poker

Analysing your online poker game

Have you ever stopped to wonder just what types of mistakes you are making as an online poker player? If you haven’t or you have assumed that you are not making any then you are making a big mistake. We all make mistakes but it is the sum total of those mistakes and the magnitude of them that makes the difference between good players and bad players and winning players and losing players.

Let us say that you have played for six months at say the NL50 level and you have been breaking even. While that may be nothing more than a statistical blip, it could also be pointing to something far more sinister as well and that could be a problem with your game. For example my first suggestion would be for you to analyse your poker sessions on a hand per hand basis or to take a coach and get them to analyse your online poker game for you although this could be very expensive.

Education is the key

However simply reading a few good poker books can really elevate your game to a solid level within a very short period of time. In fact I would say that just 3-4 weeks of solid study could be enough to really alter your poker game. After a short period of analysis then you will begin to form a picture. For example you may see a pattern forming as to what types of pots you are losing and how often. You may find that when big pots are being played that you tend to win them with the nuts or second nuts.

This is fine but if you are not a winning poker player then clearly this is not where your leak is. You may find like many weak-tight rocks that your leaks are to be located in small and medium small pots. This is often to do with the fact that novice or intermediate level players in online poker and especially in full ring no limit hold’em cash games are often waiting for powerful hands before they commit their money.

The first step to being a winning player

Playing winning poker is a process of finding your mistakes and then doing your best to eliminate them. So for example let us say that you have the Jc-10c in the big blind and it gets folded around to the button who raises to 3.5bb and you call. The flop comes Qs-10d-4h and you bet out two thirds of the pot but your opponent raises and you fold. Now firstly there is nothing wrong with folding here if we look at the play in isolation.

But if you are always folding hands like this to raises then astute opponents will start to simply raise you with fresh air and other weak holdings. This is going to mean that you are going to lose out in a lot of small pots and over time then this will really eat into your bottom line.

For example if you call the raise then you have invested an extra 2.5bb and a two thirds pot sized bet on the flop will be something like another 5bb. You cannot lose a high volume of pots with a 7.5bb loss and expect to be a winning poker player. The big pots that you win simply will not come around often enough to compensate for a high number of small losses like this.